Lessons plans are very conveniently laid out in the Presenter’s Instruction Guide.

In order to expand the scope of the Child Lures Prevention Program to include the Catholic faith traditions which direct our ministry, the following guides are provided for use in a Catholic faith formation or catechetical class in order to make these connections between our faith traditions, teachings and beliefs.

Introduction for Parish
Catechetical Leaders:


Child Lures Prevention Music Appendix

Sample Lesson Plan

Cornerstone Lessons:

Human Weather Conditions

Concept of Luring

Laws Help to Protect Me

Listening to My Instincts

Kindness of Strangers

My Dignity


Lures Lessons:

Affection                                           Assistance                                        Pets

Authority                                          Bribery                                   Ego & Fame

Emergency                                      Fun & Games                                    Hero

Job                                                  Name Recognition                     Friendship

Threats & Weapons                                                         LURE of Pornography

Computer & Online                        Lure of Drugs                    Hate & Violence