Hall Director (posted 11/20)

The Hall Director is the main caregiver of the student residents, assisted by fellow hall directors, at the Nazareth House dorm for international students. This is a perfect position for someone who is working on their Master’s degree as it allows ample time for studies. The Director is responsible for the general good order of the dorm under the direct supervision of the Dean of International Students. This is a live-in position.

The Director must understand the Catholic mission of the school, ensures all -initiatives reflect the mission, and live a lifestyle in conformity with the Catholic church.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
-Supervision and direction of the medical care of students and their insurance coverage and medical bills
-Shopping for food as well as supervising the hall directors shopping for sufficient food, drink, and snacks for the students
-Creating the duty schedule for the Hall Directors
-Very light cooking and housekeeping
-Coordinating Hall Director activities and responsibilities
-Assisting Hall Directors with monthly student reports to agencies and the Dean of International Students
-Overseeing student behavior and discipline.

Interested candidates should email President Mary Whipkey: