Young producer wins New England Emmy

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Kieran McGirl received an Emmy Award at the 41st Boston/New England Emmy Awards Ceremony on June 2 for his feature “For Ari.” The feature is recognized in the Outstanding Health/Science Feature/Segment Category.

McGirl, a 2011 graduate of Gloucester Catholic High School, produced this piece working as an associate producer at New England Sports Network.

“For Ari,” tells the story of Ari Schultz who suffered from a heart condition. At age 5, he received a heart transplant that he desperately needed. It wasn’t long after that he died after rejecting the transplant.

Ari was passionate about baseball and the Boston Red Sox. He was scheduled to throw out the first pitch at the Red Sox game last August, but he died weeks before the game. “For Ari” aired a week after his parents stood in for him and threw the pitch in his memory.

McGirl, 25, worked at New England Sports Network for three years after winning NESN’s Next Producer. During his time at NESN, he told the story of many athletes and sports fans.

“I came across a video of Ari being told that he was getting a heart transplant and would be able to go to a Red Sox game that season,” said McGirl. “He was holding a baseball bat and asked many questions about when he would receive the heart and when he would be able to go home. There was something about the innocence in his voice that made me want to learn more about him.

“After contacting his family I learned about his passion for baseball and his love of the Boston Red Sox.”

During his acceptance speech at the award ceremony, McGirl thanked the Schultz family and urged people to “live life like Ari.”

McGirl recently left New England Sports Network and is currently working as an associate producer at Good Morning America.

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